Sunday, 19 May 2013

Daddy, I love you.

Without fail, every time if I bring 小tz to bed, she would want me to tell her story about how she was born. Not sure why, but she enjoyed hearing the details of how mummy started feeling the pain till the time when both of them were discharged  from the hospital.

More than 20 times i have told her the same old story and yet, she is still not sick of it. OMG!
So... instead of telling the same old story, again. I told her how daddy gets to know mummy that leads to sign language and interpreting. She gets so excited and insisted that I must teach her  how to sign "Mommy, I love you.".

After teaching her and getting to leave the bedroom, she pulled my hand and asked if I could teach her another sentence. Not wanting to disappoint her, although I am not sure how much she will remember. I asked her what other words she wanted to learn.

That's when my hearts melts when she says, "Daddy, how to sign 'Daddy, I love you.'"

She must be eating lots of sweet, hahaha... what a sweet daughter I have.

Love you darling.