Sunday, 5 May 2013

Here it goes again...

On our way to her class, she told me this...

小tz: "Daddy, you know? The first day I attended nursery, I have no friends. On my second day, I still can't find a friend. Then the 3rd day and 4th day, I still have no friends. On my 5th day, IA came and wanted to be my friend. We became good friends after that day!"

Me: "That's good!"

小tz: "But Daddy, IA is no longer my friend now."

Me: "Why darling?"

小tz: "She shouted at me!"

Me: "Oh, that's bad. Tell her not to shout at you next time. You and her still can be friend right?"

小tz: "No! I am going to ignore her until June Holidays is over. Maybe then, I will talk to her again."

Wah! Having to deal with another set of ladies' problems. Friend, no friend, friend again...

Know what? I am loving every single part of it. What's more, cannot offend the 2 ladies at home you know. Right, mummy?