Monday, 14 October 2013

2nd Chance.

Oops! You guys still found us despite we having the best hiding place at a hidden corner of the library. 

It is sad and scary! 

Well... Take a look! We are used ice cream sticks, toilet rolls and waste papers that would likely ended up in a rubbish bin, if not for this project. Thanks to the recycling project initiated by the library, 小tz and her crazy daddy, we were given a second chance to live. 


We are pretty and unique aren't we? Not only are we alive, we are also given eyes to see this world. Is this what library supposed to be? We see kids runnng around and treating the place like a playground! Ok, air-conditioned playground then. Fortunately, 小tz and her crazy daddy decided not to give us each a pair of ears. OMG!

Now you know why we are hiding at a corner, right?

Please~ HELP!!!

小tz found us and decided to bring us back to her home. What will happen to us?!?!