Saturday, 26 July 2014

This may happen to you...

Monday, 19 August 2013, 11:30pm.

As usual, Jennifer was getting ready to complete her writing on her diary after a long day. Taking out her diary, Jennifer realized that she finished writing on the last page of her diary yesterday night. 

"Damn it!" 

Jennifer shouted at herself for not remembering to buy a new diary on her way home this evening.

"Of all days!!! Why must it be today and at this hour that I need a new diary?"

Jennifer again grumbled to herself. In her office this morning, her colleagues had just warned her to go home earlier tonight, as the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival Month will starts today at 12 midnight. For the entire 7th month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the Chinese believed that the Hell Gate will be left open and the ghost will be free to wonder on earth to fill their stomach. Earth will be very crowded after midnight, just like how Universal Studio Singapore is filled with visitors on its first day of opening. 

After 15 minutes of struggling to sleep counting sheep, hunks, and even monies, she remains wide awake. She blamed it on her 10 over years of habit writing diary before her sleep every night, a habit she practices even while she travelled overseas. Remembering that she had an important presentation tomorrow morning, she reminded herself that she can't afford not to have a good rest. After all, age is catching up and she will looks like a vampire if she can't get her rest tonight.

Banging on her ability to protect herself as an ex-police officer, she changed and set off to hunt for her new diary in her neighbourhood.

After walking for some 10 minutes or so, she finally found a bookshop that's still open. Having stayed in Yishun for the last 5 years, she doesn't recalled seeing this bookshop. When she was about to enter the bookshop, her Casio G-shock vibrated, indicating that it is now 12am on Tuesday, 20 August 2013. Or better still, the start of the month long Hungry Ghost Festival.

Walking into the shop, she was greeted by a thin gentleman wearing a pair of black plastic spectacles. With sunken eyes, whitish and pale face, he asked her what she wants in the most eerie voice she ever heard.

After telling him that she was looking for a diary, he asked her to follow him to the row of shelves that display the diary. Following behind him, she cannot help but think that he seems to be floating. Maybe it is because he is too thin and too light, she started finding excuses for her observation.

Scanning through the diaries on display, she found one that she likes very much. The shop owner grabbed the dairy before she managed to take it for a closer look.

"Are you sure you wanted to buy this? This book is the last of its kind!" said the shop owner.

"Yes! Any problem?" replied the determined Jennifer.

"Very well then, young lady. This is a blessed dairy and it will cost you $10. It will bring you good luck for as long as you treat it with respect." the shop owner paused, gave Jennifer the most eerie look then continues...

"Remember! Even if you had finished the diary, do not, I repeat. Do not turn to the last page of the diary, or you will have to suffer the consequence of your foolish act!!!"

Jennifer got worried after hearing that. However, as if a mysterious force had pressed onto her, she just simply can't convince herself to buy any other diary. She paid $10 for the diary and can't wait to leave the bookshop.

Once she reached home, she immediately sat down to write her feeling for the day on her new diary. Unable to overcome her curiosity, she turned to the last page of the diary. On its last page, right at the centre of the page, Jennifer saw 2 rows of words written in bloody red ink. It reads... ... ...

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3 for $10!


P.S. – I heard the Chinese version from a podcast. What I did was translating it into English and localized it for Singaporean. Can’t give credit to the originator as I cannot remember her name and podcast. And… if you feel like throwing bricks, eggs, stone, etc at me, DON’T! It’s not my work, pleasssseeee….