Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Unexpected show of little kindness.

Enjoying my food at a food court, I saw a little girl pointing to the pair of Crocs slippers left on the floor, under the table she and her grandma were about to occupy. The gentleman sitting at the next table heard the little girl, look at the Crocs then continue eating his food.

About some 20 minutes later, he stood up and proceeds to walked towards the back of the food court. Hmm... maybe he is going for his second helping, like me.

Instead of another plate of food, he came back with an old lady following behind him. Looking closer, I remembered she was seen sitting at the table next to the gentleman, together with a younger lady carrying a little boy who was sleeping. They left the table after finding a bigger table that can accommodate 2 friends who joined them later.

The old lady picks up the pair of crocs and thanks the gentleman. I saw the gentleman smile, gestured, and said something like "its ok" before moving out of the food court.
Either he is very cool or like me, food is as important to him. Well I did see him enjoying his food in the entire 20 minutes.

"Oopsy! Dear, I am interested in his food and not him." Err... Politically incorrect answer cause either way, my baobei is going to nag at me.

Ok, ok... This is a better answer. "Dear, I am interested in how he was concentrating on his food and being mindful with his eating. I am also surprised how he is NOT tempted by the many options of delicious food surrounding him." Yippee! Is this model answer passable?