Sunday, 23 November 2014

The girl that got addicted to blogging.

Saturday, 22 Nov 2014.

Over dinner last night with me,
tz asked:

"Daddy, can you put my video of in-line skates on your blog and write something about it?"

I nodded.

"Daddy, now la. Ok?"

Aiyo, speaking Singish again. Mummy is going to have headache you know? Anyway, your daddy is not a professional writer. I really can't just write in any place at any time. Well, a promise is a promise and that's why I sat in McDonald's writing about it today.

After a long long time, my blog. Not that I have nothing to write or no mood to write. Just no time... Or lazy? Haha...

No time, or rather can't find time to write because I got addicted to walking and getting the opportunity to catch up listening to my downloaded podcasts. Oh, or is it the other way round. Hmmm...

Good addiction anyway, either way. Right?

By the way,
tz started with scooter, then bicycle, and now in-line skates. Err... what's next?

How nice if it is bachelors, masters then doctorates degrees. Sigh~