Saturday, 10 December 2011

Still grumbling?

那些年… sigh. Those years when we do stupid, obviously silly, illogical things in life that people around us will never approve. Those things that will always puzzled us and make us laugh at ourselves whenever we think about it.

Well, it is not always possible for us to do things correctly the very first time for everything in life. Most of us worked with more than one company in our life time (I already did, 4 for now), some of us have more than one girlfriend before we got married (not me) and a few of us cried when failure hit us (yes, I did). The essence is not about the end product or end result, but the process of doing those things. The sweet smile we have on our faces when we recall those events in our life, and the thought that we had filled our life with the various colourful experiences.

Some of us had grumbled how unfair life had treated us, some regrets with the outcomes of their actions and others held on to the single success and forgotten that life still continues. In reality, we ought to be grateful as we were given the choice and the right to fight for what we wanted in life.

With excuses to protect people with disabilities and illnesses, some of us had deprived them of their rights to choose what they wanted in life. Many were deprived of the choice on the school to attend, the job to take, to even the smallest details of their daily schedules. What is life when everything is controlled, when you never experience failures and when you need to ask permission for everything you do? What is life when you will never learn because you are not given a chance to fail and learn from your mistake?

So are we still grumbling about life?