Thursday, 9 February 2012

Disclaimers, etc.

Dear all,

I thought it is appropriate for me to clarify a few matters at this point in time of my blogging.

I started blogging because I am fearful that I may not have the time and opportunity to share my life experience with my daughter (tz ). In addition, having a bad experience of not being able to know my late father better, I started blogging so that there is an avenue for tz to know me better if she decided to read up. I am not saying she will definitely read up about me, but at least if she does decide to know a little more about her crazy daddy, she can. Well, the most my wife (yt) and I can sit in front of the computer and slowly enjoy our past staring at my blog. Haha…

1.  Delay in replying comments.
Putting that into perspective, it means that I don’t blog that frequent. With a full-time job and my desire to spend quality time with tz, I only blog on my journey to and back from work, or during the early or late hours when yt and tz are sleeping. Likewise, I can and likely choose to reply your comments during those times. Please accept my apologies for the late reply to your comments, if any.

2.  This is a personal blog.
While I may have worked and volunteered in a few organizations, I need to clarify that views mentioned in my blog were solely mine and not representative of any organizations that I was involved now or previously.

3.  Identity and timeline of events masked.
It is an irony that while I enjoyed blogging and hope to leave some notes for tz, yt and I treasured our privacy. In view of that, you will never get to see any photographs of yt and tz in my blog (Yes, and don’t you ever ask for it. Haha…). This together with the needs to mask the identity of others mentioned in my blog means that while the experience I had related is true, the identity (eg, sex, age, profile or name) and timeline of the events may likely been changed.

4.  Possible banning of comments.
While I would like to see free flow of comments in my blog, I also need to ensure that they are suitable for tz. In view of that, I may issue a warning or ban the person if I felt the comments are not appropriate for tz. Moreover, I also do not want others to be spammed with unrelated or inappropriate comments.

That’s all I have for now till I think of more disclaimers. Err… seems professional isn’t it. Haha… Self praise.