Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A nice elderly gentleman.

An elderly gentleman in his 60s, in office wear waited for his bus together with me at the bus-stop this morning.

When the bus came, he was the first to go out under the rain with his umbrella and flagged the bus. Thinking that he wanted to board the bus first, the few of us young people (yes, 40s is still younger than 60s, right? Hee..) waited under the shelter for him to board the bus before we dash into it.

Instead of boarding the bus, he turned around and gestured for everyone else to board the bus. Using his big umbrella, he ensures that none of us get wet while boarding the bus before he follows behind.

As usual with others who have the habits of showing little kindness in their daily life, once he was seated on the bus, things were back to normal. There were no attempts of him looking around and seeking others to thank him for his little kindness.

I was really touched by his kind act and grateful to have such nice gentleman living among us.