Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Having a 5 years old daughter, WIN!

The other day, while attempting to root my Samsung Galaxy Mini, it suffers a heart attack. Without a phone, I seek another friend's help to contact this friend who knows a skillful phone paramedic that I thought, might be able to do a CPR and revive it.  After giving the contact, with our history of Android versus iOS fight, he "swan-ed" (teased) and ask me to get a new iPhone.

So, after I successfully rooted my phone on my own, I used it to send him a sms then the conversation follows:

Me:       Na~ na na bu~ bu~.  ;p
Friend:  Change iPhone haha u will never regret. :p
Me:       Done. Now rooted and using android 4. ;p
Friend:  Samsung will give u continuously problem.
Me:       Nah.
Friend:  Boo. :p
Me:       Married man please behaves. Ha ha...
Friend:  Haha that goes the same to u hehe.
Me:       I can be childish because I have a 5 years old daughter. Have one then we say la.
Friend:  Rubbish haha.

I feel bad posting our conversation, but this is really awesome, isn't it? How can I not record it? Haha…

Feel great to have "new" phone running on CyanogenMod 7 RC5.7 with an Android 4 ICS Holo Theme and sound enhanced with DSP Manager. What's more, thanks to the new soft buttons, I effectively extended my phone live even with its failing hardware button.

Oh, to that friend of mine. Have a baby then we can have another round of conversation 5 years later, ok? Peace! ;P