Monday, 25 June 2012

More than words...

"Daddy, actually you will need to help me wash my towel later after I bathed. But then, because grandma just changed the towel, you don't need to wash it later. Oh man, I forget to take my clothes! Daddy, can you help me take my clothes later? I want the ABC t-shirt with any pants. Just any pants will do daddy. Go to my room, open the second cupboard door, second door daddy, not the first OK? You see daddy, I know how to bath myself. You don't need to help me at all… … …"

And you go on and on, and on, and on… … … . Oh, where is the off switch?

Well, I cannot blame you for that because I recalled something like this 5 years ago… … …

"小tz, daddy is not an expert, you know right? You must wait huh. Don't urine now OK? Let me finish changing your diaper then you urine OK? Daddy is not like mummy dear, I cannot change your diaper very fast… … …"

And I go on and on, and on, and on… … … All this time, your eyes were wide open staring at me. If you can speak then, will you be saying: "Daddy, where is your off switch?" Ha ha ha… Will you?

It really made my day receiving that father's day card from you. Thank you dear.

Daddy loves you.