Friday, 27 June 2014

Uncle Life.

Life delivers a pretty unique ways of handling our affairs. You know, when you think you had the hardest time ever in your life, it added yet another challenge for you. When you are happy and in a celebrative mood, it hit you with a bad news. When you believe that you had been doing good, it continue to throw you challenges to fail you one after another. Don't you guys agree? He is just so unpredictable.

Ladies and gentlemen, please say hi to uncle Life!

He is an important part of my journey here on earth. I have numerous encounters with him and one more to add lately. He just told me a bad bad news. Well, the catch, fortunately, is the words "if" and "might" embedded into his message to me.

That's great news isn't it?

If the "if" and "might" did not materialize, then the message is as good as null. Hey, time to call for a celebration, don't you think so.

Maybe I had been bad, that's why Uncle Life has been very active with my life. Well, he can do what he wants. Who am I to dictate what he should or should not do? As if I am bothered about his intervention. I can either cry, worry and/or feeling frustrated about his action, or I can continue to live my life till the day comes with the bad news.

Give me a tiger! Nope, not the one that eats meat, the one that is yellow and serve cold. The beer!

Oops... just remember I don't drink beer. Give me a cup of tea then.