Saturday, 9 August 2014

Daddy, I am the Quiet Captain!

Thursday, 24 Jul 2014.

On my way home, my phone rang and the first thing I heard when I pick it up was:

"Daddy, I am the Quiet Captain!"
Thereafter, she goes on and on about when it happened, her roles as Quiet Captain and the other roles teacher had assigned to her other classmates. I can feel her excitement and I also felt bad for she could only call me, and not share her happiness in person with me. How many more moments I am going to miss with the little fellow? I wonder...

She ended our conversation by saying:
"Daddy, I need to wear the badge every day, I show it to you tomorrow morning when you send me up my school bus!"
That's my girl.

P.S. - By the way, she wasn't that quiet at home. Hmmm.... should I also give her a badge at home? Nah, I will miss her sweet voice if I do so. Haha...