Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Frog in a well.

Do you want to be the frog living in a well, enjoy being a friend or a follower of the frog living in a well?

While the talk about the frog in the well is old, it is still not difficult to spot a frog living in its well in our current world. People with the frog's mentality who still believes that they knows everything, refuse to listen to others and understand others perspective in looking at the same issue. Having such a mentality drives others away and has a great impact for leader. People will leave physically or if not, becomes emotionally detached.

In case you had not heard about the talk, it is about the frog that lives in a well and chooses to look at the world from his well. Thinking he knows everything and does not believes that the world is bigger than what he sees.

Someone ever taught me a great way of reminding me not to be that frog in the well. Reminding myself and telling others that "I know nothing".

Reminding us that we know nothing allows us to learn from others, while telling others encourage them not to apply selective sharing, censoring what they think we already know.

Knowing nothing means we will always be open to have our ideas challenged. We will not feel embarrassed and spend time working as a team towards a common goal, instead of wasting time defending our ideas.

Knowing nothing reminds us not to use our experience and be judgmental on how others handle their problem. We will understand that every single person's way of coping is different depending on their up-bringing, experience, skills and supports available. We will attempt to understands and support them (if we choose) from their perspective and not ours.

I believe in this approach and had been trying to adopt it as far as I could. Is it workable?